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And that’s what happens when you’re a loser

There’s a difference between me and every girl you meet. Oops, I sent this post prematurely. not that anyone who reads this will actually know that, Kelly. But now they do, AND they know you talk to yourself. Smooth. Seriously … Continue reading

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Life is a journey and this one isn’t inspirational

I’ve written funny things before. I’ve written a lot of funny things. Except I wrote them as someone else and I didn’t realize it until this moment but it dims the shine of the fact that I’ve written a lot … Continue reading

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List of things I like about myself

1. I’m really good at lists. Get used to it, bloggers. I don’t have a lot of other skills but I can basically turn any situation into a list. Yet oddly enough, I never bring lists when grocery shopping. But … Continue reading

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I don’t know anything about rap music

So this morning I had a dream about Drake. You know, the rapper (for those of you over 50 or not familiar with annoying popular music.) I assume I had this dream because I was being tortured in my dream. … Continue reading

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