And that’s what happens when you’re a loser

There’s a difference between me and every girl you meet.

Oops, I sent this post prematurely.
not that anyone who reads this will actually know that, Kelly. But now they do, AND they know you talk to yourself. Smooth.
Seriously though, I spent my night watching Netflix.
There isn’t a difference between me and every other girl you meet, honestly.
Sure, I’m more likely to be sarcastic.
I’m quicker with a backhanded compliment than I am with a lie.
I’m nice to a fault.
I love more but don’t love myself.
I’m a work in progress.
I wish that someone told me as a little girl that I need to remind myself I’m worth something every single day or I’m going to end up a 20-something with no idea who she is because she’s spent all of her time running from something and pretending to be someone I’m not.
Unfortunately for me, that did not happen so here I am.
whatever, you don’t love yourself either. You have a blog for fucks sake. What’s that? Your blog is happy and uplifting and you talk about all of your accomplishments? Well la-de-freakin-da.
Seriously though, thanks blog.
For weekly taking me on a journey to love my words as my words and not someone I’m pretending to be.
For helping me find some good inside of me.
For reminding me that I’m funnier than all of you people but I’m not a better writer so I guess it evens itself out.
and thanks to the 40-something of you who follow my blog and stop by from time to time.
I’d like you more if there were more of you to like.


About Just Call Me Idiot (No, don't. It's Kelly)

I've never been good at telling people a little about myself. However, if you want to know a lot about myself, you should read my blog. Oh wait, here you are.
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2 Responses to And that’s what happens when you’re a loser

  1. I saw this post earlier and since then, I’ve been singing that fucking Taylor Swift song with those lyrics in my head. Haha. But seriously, preach, man. I definitely am going through the same kind of 20 something, quarter-life, people induced, crisis.

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