So maybe I do have a list addiction. I’ll write you a list about why.

I feel like I’ve written a lot of posts and all I’ve told anyone about me is what I don’t like about myself.
Because it’s easier to talk about what’s wrong and what I don’t like than to talk about what I do.
no I’m not a pessimist, it’s low self esteem
So today I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone because life is too damn short to constantly be at war with yourself.
And maybe the reminder will be a wake up call to stop being my own worst critic.
Because no matter what I do my mind says to me well that was stupid, no wonder you suck and everyone knows it and you are not exaggerating, this is all true.
Well guess what, mind? I am good at things. So fuck off.
Just kidding, don’t run off. I need you.
1. I’m really funny. Really funny. I don’t care whether I’m telling jokes as a catfish or at work or by myself, I am funny. The world needs humor and with that, you’re welcome world.
2. I’m nice. Not smile at you and talk shit behind your back nice but actually nice. I genuinely care about people. I want to know how your day was. I want to help you. I want to see people I care about doing well. That’s it.
3. Okay fuck it, this list is really hard.
4. Seriously I’m done with this list.
10. I just wanted this to be a well-rounded list.


About Just Call Me Idiot (No, don't. It's Kelly)

I've never been good at telling people a little about myself. However, if you want to know a lot about myself, you should read my blog. Oh wait, here you are.
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One Response to So maybe I do have a list addiction. I’ll write you a list about why.

  1. Well, this list is still more productive than anything I’m doing. Unless you count Facebook stalking and WordPress lurking.

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