Life is a journey and this one isn’t inspirational

I’ve written funny things before.
I’ve written a lot of funny things.
Except I wrote them as someone else and I didn’t realize it until this moment but it dims the shine of the fact that I’ve written a lot of funny things before.

I’m a work in progress.
I’ve spent 25 years not liking who I am.
And here I am, writing as myself.
I don’t take this accomplishment lightly.
It is a big deal for me.

I know there are things in everyone’s life that appear insignificant to other people but those, those are the most important things in the world.
Making a meal for your family that they all like when you’ve never been able to cook before.
Going to a movie by yourself when you’ve never felt comfortable being alone before.

I’ve done those things this year.
I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and fuck, it feels uncomfortable.
But you know what comes after the discomfort? A sense of accomplishment.
So yes, steps in the right direction.
Steps to finding myself.

So thanks for being another step in the right direction, blog.

And today, I’m taking back 3 of those jokes. 3 of those jokes that have made their way all over the Internet. Stolen by people. Taken from a fake person I created. But you know what? Today I’m taking these jokes back. this time as myself.

So on that note:

Taylor Swift just waved at a boy and he didn’t wave back so she’s got a new album coming out tomorrow.

This bar sucks. Okay, it’s my bedroom and I drink alone.

It doesn’t matter what you’re actually saying. I’m a girl and I hear whatever I want to hear to prove my point.

So that’s it.
Another step forward.

Hi Kelly, it’s nice to finally meet you. As you.


About Just Call Me Idiot (No, don't. It's Kelly)

I've never been good at telling people a little about myself. However, if you want to know a lot about myself, you should read my blog. Oh wait, here you are.
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